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Containers and contents

  • PickleBucket - Build one for your friends. They make excellent gifts!
  • DocumentPouch - waterproof ziplock thing with vital papers and cash. Keep it in your firesafe or your RuckSack.
  • ButtPack - el-cheapo small buttpack to keep you going for 3 days. Keep one at work, one in your car so you have something when you are away from home.
  • BedBag - Earthquakes will often leave your room dark and littered with broken glass. Keep one under your bed.
  • RuckSack - Bigger than a day pack, smaller than a steamer trunk, meant to be carried for as far as you may need to walk. Keep one under your bed with your BedBag so you can grab them both in the middle of the night.
  • DuffleBag - Extra stuff you'd sure like to have but couldn't carry far along with your RuckSack. Duffle bags can be had with shoulder straps, handy if you end up walking anyway. Keep at home; packed or pack your normal camping gear if you need to hit the road.
  • CarExtras - Things to have at home (and take in the car) in addition to everybody's personal stuff. Store in a safe place.
  • GardenShed - We kept a bunch of this stuff in the garage under the house. In San Francisco. In a severe liquification zone. A big earthquake (an event that would make us want this stuff) would likely leave the house in the garage. On top of the stuff.


Why we bother doing all of this



Latest Information

  • August 28, 2007 - Have been busy now that I have a kid! Keeping formula with the earthquake stuff now, but no extra diapers yet. Don't have a bug out bag for the cats - maybe I need that too. So much to do! I did get my NERT ID updated - they are so cool now. And I'm going to sew patches on my vest this winter.
  • October 15, 2005 - Had a fantastic meet-up with Sunset NERTs today. Met a lot of well-prepared people. I will update this site soon to reflect the great items in their to-go bags. Tomorrow I leave for the Ranger academy. If you need to reach me, just email


  • Inspect and update at TimeChange. This applies to items and webpages.
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